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Ziptrak® Blind System


What are the benefits of the Ziptrak® blind system?

The Ziptrak blind system is perfectly designed for use around your patio and is akin to adding another room to your home, only far cheaper.

To raise the Ziptrak® blinds is a quick, simple and easy motion with little effort required. Ziptrak Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned and operated company and the Ziptrak® blind system is an Australian made product that you can totally trust.Depending on your choice of fabric, when the Ziptrak® blinds are fully down and secure they can offer full privacy from prying eyes, keep your patio area warm and dry in winter and then in summer they will reduce glare and keep the area cool.

These patio blinds are optimal for coastal living, and can greatly reduce and withstand winds of high velocity. They can protect against the weather, insects and provide privacy. 

What is unique about the Ziptrak® blind system?

There are no zips, ropes or pulleys and there is no bulky rolled up fabric just hanging there looking unsightly and untidy, just the simple clean lines of the Ziptrak® blind.

A unique and patented spline tape is high frequency welded to the blind material. The fabric is then locked into the specially designed V-shaped side guide tracks so as to prevent fabric blowout even in the strongest winds and provide all year round protection against the elements.

The spring tension system allows the blind to be raised, lowered or to be stopped in any position with minimal effort and even better there are no cumbersome winder hander handles to get in the way.

What are some other benefits of the Ziptrak® blind system?

Conventional patio blinds are only attached at the top and the bottom making them difficult and at times quite dangerous to operate in windy conditions whereas the Ziptrak® blind system is secured on all four sides locking in it into place. A Ziptrak® blind is safe and easy to operate at all times.

Ziptrak® blinds be operated using a crank handle

The patented and unique design of the Ziptrak® system is intended to be spring-loaded, which makes the operation of them simpler and easier compared to a crank handle. Therefore, we do not recommend to have Ziptrak® blinds operated with a crank handle. 

They also comes with a motorised system option

Only Ziptrak® blinds with Sunscreen Mesh can be motorised, using 240V/AC tubular motor with obstacle detection feature. The SolarSmart™ motor system is also recommended and fully compatible with a Ziptrak® blind. Strong wind can hold the skin of a Ziptrak® blind preventing it from sliding down the tracks, therefore, we recommend that motorised Ziptrak® blinds be supervised by the operator while they are moving

How is the Ziptrak® blind system locked down?

Ziptrak® have recently designed a new Centre-lock-Release mechanism to make the operation of the blind even easier than before. Pull the handle to release the lock, then lift. There’s also a Pull Stick available so you don’t need to reach down or stretch up to lock, unlock or operate the blind.

What is the greatest width that a single Ziptrak® blind cover?

The preferred maximum width for a single Ziptrak® blind is 3500mm wide for the PVC and 6000mm for the shade mesh blinds. The blinds could be made up to 500mm wider but it creates quite a large sail area and there are possibilities of ongoing maintenance problems.

If practical it is recommended to fit another fixed post or consider having a removable post fitted.

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