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Ziptrak® Blind System 




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Should I buy PVC or Sunscreen mesh blinds?

A: This depends on the type of protection you are looking for. If you want to block wind and maintain the temperature in your outdoor living space, whilst ensuring a clear view outside, PVC blinds are the best option. If you prefer to have some airflow, but primarily block sun and glare, then shade materials will be most effective. Sunscreen mesh materials can also block a high degree of wind and rain (up to about 96%), whilst also somewhat maintaining the temperature within your space. Sunscreen mesh fabrics provide privacy during the day, allowing you to see outside but restrict the view into the outdoor area. At night, the opposite occurs; you won’t be able to see beyond the fabric, whilst someone standing outside will clearly be able to see in if you have a light on within your outdoor area. Motorisation is only recommended for SunScreen mesh blinds, not clear PVC.


I want to leave my window open but have the blind down; do you have a solution?

The Ziptrak® Interior blind is the perfect solution for windows that have openings to allow fresh air to enter your home. Since the blind material is secured within a track, it won’t rattle or damage itself. Allow air to enter the room but don’t sacrifice your privacy; simply leave a small opening at the bottom of the blind to encourage air flow. With block out blind materials, the gap needs to be larger, depending on how windy it is outside. With other materials which allow some degree of air to pass through the material, as long as it is not extremely windy outside, you should be able to completely close the blind; providing privacy and insect proof screening, whilst allowing airflow. Your Ziptrak® Interior blind can replace a fly screen, providing seamless views whilst the window is closed, and then within seconds, after opening the window and lowering the blind, you have airflow and protection from insects.


Why are Ziptrak® Interior blinds great for insulation?

Ziptrak® Interior blinds have superior insulation properties to lower your energy bills, reduce your environmental impact and make your space more comfortable. 

Ziptrak® Interior have an innovative track guided system, where the blind material runs within vertical tracks, creating an effective temperature barrier. The tracks are mounted flush against your window frame with highly precise custom installation for every situation.



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Introducing Swiftee®

  • New outdoor blind cleaning product, brought to you by Ziptrak®
  • Amazing cleaning results with both Sunscreen Mesh + Clear PVC blinds
Help your customers keep their blinds looking like new! 

About 25 washes in each bottle! 

- Powerful concentrate
- Unique formula to remove dirt

- Protects and restores shine
- Clean several blinds quickly
- Safe for lawn or decking
- PH Neutral Formula
- Lemon scented
- Ergonomic 1.25L bottle