Outdoor canvas awnings are a great way to create a sun shade for out door areas, that can be retracted when not in use, or permanently fixed.Auto Awnings are fully manual and can come in many different sizes and styles to suit your shade, privacy and appearance desires.  

PIVOT ARM AWNINGS have a compressed spring arm, which allow you to dictate how much shade or privacy to create. They can come in classic or modern styles to suit your home. To see the full spectrum for inspiration, click here.

AUTO AWNINGS are the standard awning choice. These are cost effective and provide long lasting protection - to see more, click here.

CARBOLITE awnings are made for the harsh Australian sun and rain. These are perfect for doorways and windows alike. See other examples at the Carbolite website.

TENSION SKYLIGHT awnings are perfect for high skylight windows - to see a diverse range for inspiration, click here.

FOLDING ARM AWNINGS can be manual or motorised. These will generally come out straight, unlike the drop arm awnings, and provide unparalleled shade and protection over a large area. Ideal for outdoor living areas, pools and play areas for children.

INTERNAL SCHEMATICS for the many different styles of awnings, please click here

Factory Blinds recommends Vistaweave as the choice fabric for awnings - please click here to see the entire collection.