The operating methods of honeycomb blinds are many and varied from the cordless child friendly option through to motorised through to cord operated, all depending on your personal requirements.

The corded honeycomb blinds include the standard traditional pull cord or the cord loop.


The cordless style blinds cater for skylight and sloping windows,Top Down Bottom Up (TDBU), and the fully framed Decoflex(TM) Honeycomb Blinds.


Motorised honeycomb blinds are offerd with a 12volt motor which can be operated with batteries or an AC/DC adapter. A multi-channel remote controller is provided as well.The motorised honeycomb blinds are limited to the traditional Bottom Up(BU), or the Top Down(TD) style but is not available in the very popular combined TDBU style.


Please click on images below to view a selection of videos on various methods of operation with Honeycomb Blinds.

DecoFelx(TM),SmartFit(TM), Motorised Blinds