The hints on this page are a guide to help the home owner write up basic measurements of blinds, shutters, awnings or curtains to take to their local window furnishing retailer for a quote. By having the measurements written up in a consistent format then both the customer and the retailer will have a better indication that the estimation will be reasonably close to the mark.

Please note :The window furnishings industry measure WIDTH x HEIGHT not the other way around.


Basic Measuring Guidelines Below:

a. Window furnishings are always measured as Width (A) x Drop (B).
b. All measurements are to be in millimetres.
c. Measure where you want your blinds, shutters, awnings or curtains to be fitted.
d. Work clockwise (left to right) around your home and work clockwise within a room.


Where To Measure - Recess

a. Measure where you want your blind to fit INSIDE the window frame.
b. Width.  For a basic width measure, measure inside the frame at the centre line.
c. Drop/Height.  For a basic drop/height measure, measurements just measure at the centre.

Where To Measure - Face

a. Measure where you want your blind to fit OUTSIDE the window frame.
b. Width. Measure from outside architrave to outside architrave at the height that the window furnishing is to be fitted.
c. Drop/Height - Full length to floor. Measure from the top of the architrave to the floor covering.  Do not take any deductions off to allow for floor clearance.  
d. Drop/Height - To sill or midway. Measure from top of architrave to the bottom position where the window furnishing is to finish.


 Factory Blinds will work out an estimate based on your measurements BUT that estimate is subject to our Free check measure and quote.