Home Insulation

There is no better way to improving window insulating efficiencies in your home or business than with well-fitted curtains and blinds internally or with an awning externally.  Creating a barrier to heat flow is essential for keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. A well-insulated and well-designed home provides year-round comfort, reducing cooling and heating bills considerably. 

The premium method of insulating with any window furnishing is through the creation of air pockets and the reduction or elimination of gaps.

When considering curtains ensure that the curtains have a lined backing separate to the face fabric so as to create an insulating air pocket. Make certain that the curtains fold or “return” at the ends to reduce air flow and finish it off with a pelmet.

When considering blinds - fit the blinds inside the window recess where practical or if fitting to the outside of the frame ensure that the blind fits as close to the window frame as practical.  Once again finish off with a pelmet.

To increase the insulating properties of your window furnishings consider fitting a sun filtering blind or a curtain with your primary furnishing.

curtains insulation

Your main window furnishing is generally opened or closed, up or down through the day and in doing so your home is exposed to the full elements and your home’s insulation is reliant on the quality of glass that you have in your window.

By fitting a secondary furnishing such as a sun filtering blind or a sheer curtain you have now created a far greater and more efficient level of insulation. The secondary furnishing will allow you full view of the outside world while offering privacy and will reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

In the colder climates, blinds and shutters act as an extra layer of insulation for windows, helping to reduce the loss of heat, saving energy and money whilst helping to keep your house comfortably warm.

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Blinds, awnings and shutters can help prevent excessive heat gain by blocking or reflecting the sun’s rays. External awnings, blinds and shutters are best for summer heat rejection, as they prevent the sun’s radiation from even reaching the window. However, internal blinds and shutters can also help keep your home cooler – this is especially true of materials that have a reflective finish facing the window.

Don’t forget that automation using temperature sensors and other environmental controls can help ensure that your awnings, blinds and shutters are always in the correct position creating a pleasant living environment whilst saving money.


House full of awnings