The Elegance of Sheer Curtains


Sheer curtains are lightweight fabrics that allow the natural light to diffuse into your rooms, Sheers are a lovely addition to any living space enhancing the decorative ambiance of the room. Imagine the sheer curtain catching a breeze and bellowing out adding so much fluidity and movement to a living space.

Sheers can be used on their own or can be paired up with a heavier drape such as a neutral coloured or a contrasting coloured lining. The Lining will allow much more control over darkening the room.


There are various heading styles a sheer curtain can be made into. The most popular of these is the S-Wave or Wavefold, this heading style uses a specific track that creates the  S-shaped folds in the fabric, the Wavefold is very well suited for large rooms with floor to ceiling windows, it adds an illusion of height and space.

Another popular choice is the continuous overlocked bottom hem creating a very modern look, sleek and stylish well suited for modern homes. Most fabrics in sheers are available in this finish.


Motorised Sheer Curtains are available and are especially well suited for very tall and extensively wide modern windows.


Sheers can be paired up with other window furnishings, such as roller blinds or honeycomb blinds. The multiple layers of window furnishing against a window will create better insulation by trapping the air between layers. The multiple layers will act as barriers to keep the warmth in during winter and keep the heat out in summer. This will lead to considerable energy cost savings.

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