Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds are a great addition to any living space enhancing the decor of the room. They have fantastic
insulating qualities and are highly rated for Energy Efficiency.
The cell structure of the honeycomb blind creates pockets of air that act as insulators keeping the warmth inside the home during the colder months and the heat out during the warmer months. The better the insulation on windows and sliding doors the better the energy efficiency of that room.There are a number of cell options from single cell to double cell, small cell to extra-large, once again all designed to suit your personal requirements.


Honeycomb blind fabrics are available with blockout, light filtering and sheer fabrics or combination styles so as to best suit your individual needs. All honeycomb blinds are offered with a white backing on the window side of the blind so as to improve solar energy reflection. In general terms a blockout fabric provides better thermal insulation than a light filtering fabric which in turn is better than a sheer fabric. Double celled honeycombs allow for better insulation properties again.


The operating methods of honeycomb blinds are many and varied from the cordless child friendly option to motorised through to cord operated, all depending on your personal requirements.


Child Safety

At Factory Blinds the cordless options are WCMA certified "Best for Kids(TM)" because these products are certified to have inaccessible inner cords, or have inner cords that cannot in any way create a hazardous loop.This safety certification include products such as SmartFit(TM), Cordless, TDBU, SmartRise(TM)Cordless, Cordless Day and Night and Vertical Honeycombs for patio doors. Flame retardant fabrics are available as requested.





Specialty Shaped windows

For Specialty Shaped windows there are a selection of the most popular shapes including selected half rounds, selected arched and selected triangular shaped windows.


Vertical Honeycombs

For sliding doors and room dividers the vertical honeycomb blind is the ideal consideration.