Motorisation and Home Automation



Smart homes or home automation is becoming more and more a buzz word in our everyday language. With the advent of APPS and affordable software like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, Home Automation is fast becoming more accessible and affordable for the majority.



In the Window Furnishing industry, indoor and outdoor blinds have been motorised for some time now, where the opening and shutting of a blind is controlled by a switch or a remote control.



The latest developments are in the digital world where a motorised blind is also compatible with an APP downloadable from an App store that will control the motorised item on site or remotely wherever there is Wi-Fi connection from anywhere in the world via  a smart phone or device.








At Factory Blinds we supply Alpha Motors which can be used for a variety of internal and external blinds, shutters, screens and awnings. 

Superior internal motor engineering coupled with sleek and easily programmable controllers at affordable prices make Alpha motors an attractive choice.

The Neo App is compatible with Alpha motors- downloadable from your favourite APP store - now you are ready to use the entire range of Alpha from your smart device from anywhere in the world.





The Neo app is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home so that your blinds can be placed on a common platform with every other automated product in your home and be even voice activated.




One can programme the App to control the opening and shutting of blinds at optimal times to improve the passive heating and cooling of your house, this will help with energy consumption in your house contributing to reduced energy bills.


Main Features of Automated Window Furnishings

  • Innovative automation

  • Suitable for hard to reach windows

  • Quiet operation

  • Cordless- making it child safe

  • Option to integrate with an app

  • Operate it on site or remotely from wherever there is Wi-Fi connection

  • Programmable to operate at optimal times to improve passive heating and cooling




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