The cell structure of the honeycomb blind makes it effective to be thermally insulating. Honeycomb shaped cells are formed between layers of fabric trapping pockets of air. 

With air being a poor conductor of heat the thermal and insulating qualities of the honeycomb blinds far exceed that of any single fabric layered blind.

There are a number of cell otions from single cell to double cell, small cell through to extra-large, designed to suit your personal needs.


Honeycomb blind fabrics are available with blockout, light filtering  and sheer fabrics or a combination of fabric options so as best to suit your individual needs, for example a Day  Night Honeycomb blind is a combination of sheer and blockout fabrics.

All honeycomb blinds are offerd with a white backing on the window side of the blind so as to improve solar energy reflection.

In general, blockout fabric provides better thermal insulation than a light filtering fabric which in turn is better than a sheer fabric.

Double celled honeycombs allow for better insulation properties again.