Factory Blinds has many customers who are new home owners or home renovators who only require an estimation of what it may cost to furnish their windows with blinds, shutters, awnings or curtains and as such are only too pleased to assist with a Free Estimation.
Customers can email, post, phone or hand deliver plans, drawings or measurements to Factory Blinds with their preferred window furnishing options and an estimation will be calculated and returned to you within three days depending on the complicity of the job.  When emailing plans or drawings please ensure they are sent as a .pdf  file. Please do not fax plans or drawings as the measurements tend to be very difficult to read and may be misinterpreted.
The difference between an Estimation and a Quote is that an estimation is a "considered guess" based on information supplied from other sources whereas a quote is a firm price based on our assessment and accurate measurements of your home.
For your Free Estimation Contact Us by email on or phone 03 6326 8881.