ALPHA Motors

Long lasting and easy to use motorised system for internal and external blinds 

Quiet to run

Long life batteries that are easy to recharge

Easy to control via remote, programming and phone app

Available in internal, external, commercial and residential roller blinds

Lithium batteries ensure efficiency and longevity 

perfect for climate control in your home (you can program your blinds or remotely control them. This means you can control all blinds OR different blinds at different times depending on your needs. 


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ACMEDA motorised rollers

Automated; curtains, internal blinds, external blinds and awnings.

Great quality roller machinery for smooth motorised window wear. 

Available with remote controls and phone apps

There are a variety of controls that allow you to find the right one for your home

perfect for climate control in your home (you can program or remotely control when all/ separate blinds go up or down from out of home)

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