Is interest free finance the right option for you?

Factory Blinds offers interest free finance as an alternative method of payment that may or may not be suitable for you as an individual.

Our customers are adults, have been through a recognised education system and appear to be of sound mind. It is up to you as an individual to make your own choices in life. Only you can decide what is the right option for you.

If you have looked at the pro’s and con’s of interest free finance and believe that you can manage the terms and conditions required then go for it.

If in doubt, don’t do it. The pitfalls can have dire consequences if you do not meet your obligations as per the contract agreement that you have signed.

There are many warnings from Federal Government agencies, ASIC Money Smart and ACCC, along with Choice about the negatives of interest free finance.

In the interests of a balanced discussion Factory Blinds is linking the following websites to assist you in making an informed decision about interest free finance.

ASIC Money Smart (Aust Govt)

ACCC Interest Free Offers

Choice – Interest Free Finance

Money Smart Interest Free Calculator