Insulating Qualities of Honeycombs

Ever increasing energy bills lead us to look at options around our household to make our living spaces more energy efficient.
At Factory Blinds we offer window furnishings that improve window efficiency, this is definitely one way of reducing energy bills, it is well established that heat is transferred through glass windows and doors.


At Factory Blinds we offer Honeycomb blinds. The cellular design creates air pockets that act as an insulator all year round. 
Honeycomb blinds keep the heat out as the sun heats up a room in summertime and conversely in winter the air pockets create an insulating barrier for heat lost through windows, sliding doors and skylights.
The pleasant upside of having all this insulation is that less energy is consumed by appliances that heat or cool our living spaces leading to reduced energy bills.
Factory Blinds range of honeycomb blinds will improve window efficiency, these blinds trap the air in their cellular pockets and act like a double–glazed window. Honeycombs are super-efficient blinds saving on your energy bill because of their insulating qualities.
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