Honeycomb Blinds

These Blinds come in a variety of light filtering opacity, a multitude of colours are on offer, and two different sized honeycomb cells are available at Factory Blinds. We supply Portrait Honeycomb Blinds.
Honeycomb Blinds are a fantastic addition to any living space enhancing the decor of the room. Moreover, these blinds are highly rated for Energy Efficiency.The cellular design offers air pockets that act as insulators keeping the warmth inside the house during the colder months and the heat out during Summertime.
The better the insulation on windows and sliding doors the higher the energy efficiency of that room.
According to Energy Efficiency Government bodies 40% of heat is lost  through glass windows and 87% of heat is gained through glass. 
The better the glass window's insulation, less chance of heat leaking out through windows and skylights.
The cellular design of the Honeycomb Blinds act as an air trap and create an insulating barrier to improve the energy efficiency of your house.
These blinds are highly rated by the Department of Energy Australia. Here is a link to find out more information.
Department of Energy-Household Energy Efficiency

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