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Curtains are very versatile, from elegant sheer fabrics to rich and luxurious drapes,curtains can add a lot of character to a room decor creating an atmosphere of welcoming serenity to rich opulance,in addition providing privacy and adding insulation to the windows.


5 Easy Steps for your custom made curtains

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At Factory Blinds, curtains are custom made in our local workroom by local employees. We are committed to finding the most beautiful and highest quality fabrics from Australian design houses. We support Australian made and champion innovative and eco friendly designs.

Some notable brands include, Wilson Fabrics, Nettex, James Dunlop, Ashley Wilde, Maurice Kain, Zepel, Slender Morris and many more.

A free in-home measure and quote service is provided for those in the ‘63’ telephone area, with a small charge applied to those outside of this zone. A member of the Factory Blinds sales team will come to your home to assess, measure and provide their expert advice with numerous styles of window furnishings to help you find the perfect option, providing you with a detailed quote.

Motorisation of curtains is becoming more popular in line with an ever increasing culture of automated lifetyles.