Roller Blinds 

Also known as Holland blinds, roller blinds are the most popular blinds due to their versatility. 

At Factory Blinds we offer three different transparencies in Roller Blinds:

«Light Filtering Roller Blinds which are semi transparent and do allow some sunlight to get through but still provide privacy.
«Sunscreen Roller Blinds allow a lot of sunlight to get through and give a good ambiance to a room allowing privacy.
«Blockout Roller Blinds completely cut out the light and are ideal for bedrooms.
Alternatively one can have the best of both worlds and install a Dual Roller Blind. Also known as Day and Night Roller Blind; these are made of a sheer and a blockout fabric; one for the day and one for the night.

Roller Blinds can be operated manually by a stainless steel chain and or a spring loaded mechanism. 

Motorised option to raise the blinds up and down by a remote control or operated by the Neo Alpha APP are also available for Roller Blinds. 


At Factory Blinds all Roller Blinds are custom made to the specific sizes required.There is an extensive range of fabric, colour, texture to choose from. Factory Blinds offer a Free Measure and Quote and come to you with our mobile showroom. Alternatively, a visit to our showroom will open up the endless choices in fabrics.